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Valentines Day Wedding Theme

For the last century, thousands of couples rush off each year to say �I do� on Valentine�s Day. There�s something so spectacular and romantic about the month of February. Images of cupid and chocolate filled hearts make our own hearts flutter with the hope of everlasting love.

If you�ve chosen to have your own themed wedding, you can select great wedding decorations, colors, invitations, and wedding favors to accommodate your Valentines Day wedding theme. Set your budget and prepare to make a list of all the items you will need.

Think white, pink, and of course�red. White flowers represent purity. Pink flowers represent passion. Red for everlasting love. Put the three colors together and you have a powerful combination that expresses your sweetest sentiments to your spouse and all of your guests. Different flowers to consider are roses and carnations, perhaps even white lilies.

You don�t want your wedding to look commercialized like the window display at a card store. Avoid large cupid cut-outs and gigantic teddy bears. Of course it�s a themed wedding, but you still want to capture intimacy and elegance. For theming your centerpieces, you can consider large frosted bowls filled with water, lit floating votives, and red rose petals. The table can be accented with red silky fabric tablecloths, which can be cut from a fabric store. A small table can hold everyone�s place-setting. In the center of all the cards, a large fishbowl can hold two beta fish. The fish are meant to add a relaxing element. Although fish aren�t exactly considered romantic�it represents the idea of a �two� in harmony.

It�s quite easy to accommodate a Valentine�s Day themed wedding with favors. You can give your guests Hershey kisses in a sachet, personalized sweetheart candies that say �thank you (last name) family,� Jordan almonds in the shape of a heart, sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, or a CD of memorable love songs that played during the night.

Cutting Corners
The Head table should be decorated with exceptional taste. Nevertheless, this doesn�t mean that you should go out of your budget. If you can not afford fresh-cut flowers for the Head table, make a large arrangement of silk flowers (which can look quite realistic). If you can not arrange your own flowers, have silk arrangements ordered from your local florist.

If you�re not satisfied with the presentation of your chairs/table, get creative and make them work with your theme. Arts and craft stores can become your best friend if you let your imagination run wild. Fabrics, Ribbons, and Pillows can add a tough of love and comfort to anything. It also shows that you put a lot of effort into customizing your wedding.

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A Wedding in Spring - The Joys and Heartaches

Spring is seen as the start of a new year and provides a wonderfully appropriate backdrop for weddings with Spring Weddings symbolising the start of a new life together for the bride and groom. Depending on where you are living, the flowers will be beginning to bloom and the new buds are on the trees giving everyone a fresh feeling after the dreary winter months. A Spring Wedding can be just what everyone needs to look forward to.

Of course, Spring Weddings are best held in regions that actually have a true spring season. Tropical countries do not have the same definition of spring as western European or Eastern American states. Some countries do have more rain in spring to help give the trees and flowers the best start to their growing season so it is advisable to prepare for the chance of inclement weather.

In fact, that is exactly what can happen. Most probably you will have planned the perfect setting for the most picturesque of Spring Weddings, possibly in a grand hotel with beautiful grounds filled with lots of spring flowers and blossoming trees.

Everything set for the perfect day but on the morning of the ceremony the heavens could open and obviously the possibility of holding the service outside would be impossible. The hotel should have plenty of experience of hosting Spring Weddings and will more than likely bring their �wet weather plan� into action. It is practical to have your own wet weather plan in mind aswell.

Your ceremony could be held in a room filled with flowers from the garden which will give the impression of almost being outdoors, apart from the rain! So always bear in mind that if your heart is set on aSpring Wedding the venue for your reception will almost certainly be able to cope with unrequested weather!

The colors of a Spring Wedding tend to be the paler shade of pinks, lemons, blues and greens. Everything seems fresh and new and a Spring Wedding can be wonderful!

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The Perfect Costumes for a Medieval Wedding

Perhaps she first caught your eye dressed in SCA garb, or maybe he looked dashing in his SCA armor. It could be that you were both wearing Renaissance costumes and enjoying a stroll through your local Faire when he captured your heart. Since then, time has passed and you're ready to tie the knot. If you're a fan of olden times, perhaps you're thinking of having a medieval wedding.

If so, you're not alone. More couples than ever are celebrating the beginning of their life together in full Renaissance costumes. And even the guests are getting in on the act, playing their parts and dressing in period garb. If your nuptials will have a medieval flair, you need the proper clothing and accessories. Here are some guidelines to get you started.

For Him

One of the most romantic looks for the groom is a cotton lace-up wedding shirt. For extra elegance, look for a shirt with rows of tiny tucks going down the sleeves and below the lace-up front. The shirts usually come in natural, black, and white, so he can wear the color appropriate to the season and time of day of your wedding. If he prefers a button front or you want a greater selection of colors, you can find a wedding shirt replete with tiny tucks that has three buttons going down the neckline. These shirts are often available in navy, grey, brown, mustard, teal, plum, wine, and forest green - one of which is sure to go with your wedding color scheme.

As for pants, depending on the season and time of day, you can opt for long twill breeches or knee-length twill breeches. The former are baggy, and usually feature both a button front and a drawstring at the waist, as well as drawstring cuffs. As the name implies, knee-length twill breeches have cuffs that tie just below the knee. You can typically buy them in a wide variety of colors, such as royal blue, tan, black, burgundy, or forest green.

For Her

For the Renaissance bride, it starts with the chemise. There are a wide variety of styles from which to choose, but one that's popular features sheer fabric that has demi sleeves and a sweetheart rose at the center of the neckline. For a more formal touch, there are chemises that feature extraordinarily long, hanging sheer sleeves and a gathered neckline. Similarly, a chemise with metallic gold trim at the square neckline is eye-catching.

As for your gown, you can go with something as simple as a cotton twill surcoat or as ornate as an Irish dress with a fleur-de-lis brocade bodice. You may even want to create your own gown; if so, there are numerous patterns from which you can choose.

For Both of You

If you're planning a medieval wedding, you'll also need the proper accessories. Dragons symbolize passion, monogamy, and love, so incorporating dragons into the ceremony or reception is wonderfully appropriate. Perhaps you'd like to wear a dragon double heart pendant, or you would like to use two dragon goblets for your toast.

If you're having a traditional ceremony, you'll most likely need handfasting cords, which will be used to bind you and your beloved's hands together with each promise you make to one another.

With the right planning, there are many ways to incorporate Renaissance themes and costumes into your special day. Celebrate with gusto!

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A Fall Wedding - Cool, Crisp and Crunchy

A Fall Wedding can be absolutely wonderful! Its a superb time of year when nature gives us her full blast before falling asleep for the winter. An outdoor Fall Wedding is a colorful occasion so make the most of it if you can.

The days are cool and crisp, there's a hint of frost and the sky has never been bluer! The trees are in their fall glory so why not hold yourFall Wedding in a state park, a vineyard or even an orchard!

Hold your Fall Wedding reception outdoors, weather permitting, and your guests can crunch through leaves to sit in a marquee and sip warmed wine. As the daylight fades carved out pumpkins with candles are lit and the atmosphere is soooo romantic!

If you decide on indoors for your Fall Wedding why not a rustic farm or inn with a real roaring fire to warm those fall chills away. If at all possible get pictures taken outside as you cannot beat the backdrop of color that mother nature will wear for yourFall Wedding Day!!

The colorscheme for any Fall Wedding just has to follow natures glory with shades of brown, gold, burnt orange and red. These colors lend themselves to most complexions and look stunning!

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Felicidades: Your Cuban-Themed Wedding

Get creative! For example, your save the dates could be replicas of Cuban cigars. Your guests can unroll the message and view it like a scroll. Reflect your ethnicity and personality in your invites with the Latin styled staggered invitations and inserts. Your level of formality should be incorporated in your invitations. Typically, the invitations are in a distinctive �y� format; the bride�s announcement is on the left, the groom�s is on the right and the details form the base of the �y�. Depending on your preference, you can also use the traditional vertical format; list your padrinos (godparents), etc. Consider meshing Latin traditions into your ceremony like the lazo (the cord), las monedas (the coins), and el cofre (the treasure box).

The reception, however, is where you can really embellish and personify your celebration. Why not go for an Old Havana theme? Cuba is a wonderful mix of cultures like African, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. These influences can be reflected in your d�cor and food choices. At your cocktail hour, play the smooth sounds of Tito Puente while authentic foods and drinks are passed. Choose tapas for your cocktail hour like empanadas, bocaditos, and chorizo. Have a signature drink; it will tame your alcohol budget as well as round out your theme. Opt for daiquiris (which can be made sans liquor for minors and non-drinkers) and mojitos. Incorporate dishes like sofrito, mojo, and maduros into the entrees. You could even take it a step further and have a roasted pig! Dessert can be loads of fun with Cuban staples like flan and mango mousse. And you cannot forget the caf� cubano!

Music is what makes the festivities. Find a band that is familiar with the music you want played. If you want a DJ, ensure he has favorites in his library like Celia Cruz, Ibrahim Ferrer, and Arturo Sandoval. Encourage your non-graceful guests to dance by providing a basic, but fun, dance lesson. How you tie the d�cor into your theme is very important. Domino tables are seen everywhere in Cuba. Why not use a few scattered around your venue as cocktail tables. Dress up your dining tables with pearberry and orchids in your color. Choose bright colorful linens that contrast and complement the dishes you have chosen. Your rich, decadent cake could have sugar orchids and white butterflies cascading to the table. Release white doves at your departure for a romantic send off.

What ever you do, enjoy yourself and your loved ones. Turn to your family and friends for personal inspirations and traditions.

Buena Suerte!

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Best Fairy Tale Wedding Favors

You have already chosen a fairy tale theme for your wedding and you are now trying to put the pieces together to pull off the theme. You need some fairy tale wedding favors, decorations and invitations. Well, rest assured you have a lot of options out there as fairy tale wedding themes are very popular and you can find a lot of great ideas.

Typically a wedding favor is a thank you gift that is given to all of your guests. It acts as a thank you and a keepsake or memory of the event. Therefore you will want to tie the wedding favor into the theme as much as possible. So if you are having a fairy tale wedding theme then using a fairy tale wedding favor is a great idea.

When people think of fairy tale wedding the most common image is from Disney. For example one can not help but to think of the wonderful fairy tale of Cinderella. She is able to meet her dream prince after the ball by fitting into the glass slipper. It is hard for any true romantic to not love this fairy tale and want to portray the beauty and simplicity of a fairy tale in their own wedding.

Fun Ideas for a Fairy Tale Wedding Favor
* Anything to do with castles - Castles are often the most commonly thought of item for a fairy tale wedding. The great thing about castles is it does not go back to any one movie in particular but the whole theme of fairy tales.
* Glass slippers - This is obviously from Cinderella who wears glass slippers to the ball. Then at the stroke of midnight she rushes out of the ball to make it home before she turns back into her normal self as instructed by her fairy godmother. She drops the glass slipper and the prince finds it and sets our on a quest of sorts to find the beautiful women that he danced with at the ball.
* Stage coaches - This is another favor that is from Cinderella. Her fairy godmother takes a pumpkin from the small vegetable garden outside of Cinderella's house and turns it into a carriage for her to ride in to the ball.

Ideas for Colors and Materials
* Glass
* Gold
* White

Most Common Items
* Candles
* Picture Frames
* Bookmarks

Any of the above items will work well for the purpose of a wedding favor. You can find tons of places online that sell already made fairy tale wedding favors. Or if you want to be creative you can try to make or even assemble your own fairy tale favors.

Choosing Orchid Wedding Flowers

Today, more and more couples are using orchid wedding flowers to decorate for their wedding. Orchids, in nature, come in a variety of colors, shapes, and design, thus the reason for their popularity.

No matter what theme you may have for your wedding, orchids will give add a bit of color that will enhance the beauty of any wedding.

Orchid wedding flowers is seen quite often as decorations for the traditional white wedding cake. Many times, silk orchids are used to transform an ordinary white cake into a beautiful magical cake by using these exquisite flowers. Orchids used on a wedding cake can be either real or silk with real orchids used around the cake as a decoration lying on the table or in vases. The choices for color is so varied that you may have a hard time choosing, you can use lavender, orange, blue, purple/white, or even yellow to adorn your wedding cake.

The wedding bouquet is another place you can use orchid wedding flowers. You can choose to carry the orchids in a regular bouquet, as a nosegay, or as an arrangement that you cradle in your arm. If you plan to have a winter wedding use silk orchids and create a muff instead with beautiful orchids sewn to the muff to create a magnificent romantic feel.

You can also use orchid wedding flowers to decorate the building in which your wedding will be held. You can use silk or real flowers once again to adorn the chairs, columns, trees, patio, or just about anything. Add a bit of babys breath and tropical ferns and you have the setting for a tropical wedding.

Other ways you can orchids to brighten up your wedding is to have the flower girl scatter petals of real orchids. You can also use orchids on the pillow that carry the rings. The wedding rings could each be put on the stem of an orchid. The ring bearer could hand the flower that held the ring to either the bride or groom at the time it was needed. This would give your wedding a unique touch that other weddings do not have.

Orchids speak the language of love and beauty and have throughout history. Using these exquisite tropical flowers for decorating your wedding will be fun, endearing and memorable not only to you but to your guest as well.

Remember, this is your special day and orchid wedding flowers will enhance the overall beauty and design of your wedding.

The Perfect Wedding in the Caribbean

Caribbean weddings are on the increase and that should not be surprising considering the sheer natural beauty of the tropical islands in that region. A Caribbean wedding is not merely a wedding because firstly, it takes place in one of the most beautiful locations in the world and secondly, most people are discovering that there is no better place to get married in and honeymoon without having to travel any further.

It really makes no difference whether you are inviting just a few close people or several family members and relatives when you are hosting a Caribbean wedding. Be it a dozen people or hundreds, the Caribbean is a place where everyone will enjoy themselves and remember forever the wedding that took place on a beautiful island.

Caribbean weddings are the most popular form of offshore weddings that are taking place today and the islands in the Caribbean Sea were quick to catch on to this new trend and have specialized themselves to offer many wedding planning services in order make the whole process pleasant for everyone involved. While the trend has spread to other locations besides the Caribbean the popularity of Caribbean weddings has in no way suffered from this development and it continues to be the leading wedding location. This is because the Caribbean has clement weather throughout the year along with some really wonderful beaches and excellent resorts that make it an unbeatable option.

Since there are several wedding-planning agencies that permit you to choose the island where you would like to host a Caribbean wedding the biggest decision is selecting the island because all of them are so beautiful. There are resorts that offer exclusive wedding offers and special packages for visitors including the wedding ceremony, reception, and rooms for the wedding party as well as special honeymoon suites.

Just like any other travel or tour package it is important that you read through the whole offer to be clear of what is being offered in the Caribbean wedding package that is offered to you. You should not be left feeling a little disappointed if you select a package that only offers a wedding space, a reception hall, and maybe the services of a local minister. If you want more then look for a Caribbean wedding package that specifically and clearly offers more. Imagine you are having a regular wedding and what all you would need, then ask if all that is included in the price for the Caribbean wedding package.

Hawaiian Orchid Wedding

A Hawaiian Orchid wedding is a beautiful, romantic, and even magical wedding that is fun to prepare. The orchid is a unique flower that, in nature, can be found in a variety of colors and shapes. Planning your wedding and using Hawaiian orchids as the main theme will give you many options for decorations, wedding cakes designs, attire, food, your announcements and other paper products.

Starting with the invitations, which should be sent 4 to 6 six weeks prior to your wedding date; you can create the atmosphere for your Hawaiian Orchid wedding. The invitation is the first hint at what type of wedding your guests will be attending. Whether you plan on an informal Hawaiian Orchid wedding set outdoors or as a large traditional church wedding, the invitations can say it all. The invitations can be embossed with unique outlines of orchids, have orchids imprinted on the background, or just have unique silk orchids attached to the invitation. The invitations should state according to who is hosting the wedding, what, when, and where. If the couple themselves is hosting their own wedding, it should be worded accordingly.
We, (the name of the couple with brides name first) request the honor of your presence at our wedding. The wedding will be held at (complete address), at (time of wedding) on (the date of your wedding). The last line could state that the reception is to follow or you could also include a reception card if the party will be at a different location.

Once you have decided on your wedding invitations, it is now time to plan the decorations, food, wedding attire, etc for your Hawaiian Orchid wedding. When it comes to decorations, you will have to decide if you would like an arch. This can be a very romantic addition to any wedding. You can create a magnificent arch with the help of silk orchids, babys breath, and ferns. You can even color coordinate the arch along with your own bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids nosegays. Using orchids and other Hawaiian decorations such as leis will give your wedding a tropical feel even if your wedding is being held in a large city.

Food at your Hawaiian Orchid wedding is also very important. You may decide not to serve food at the wedding and only have cake and punch at your reception, or you may wish to go all out and have a Hawaiian luau.

Have fun planning your Hawaiian orchid wedding and enjoy the beauty, romance, and magic that this day will bring.

Very Romantic Destin Beach Weddings (Destin Beach Weddings)

Nothing can beat Destin Beach weddings for sheer romance. With the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico as the panoramic background, you can consummate your wedding vows in a full-breast suit but at the same time barefooted if you choose so you can really feel fine white sand on your feet. A bride can likewise choose to be barefoot in these very romantic Destin beach weddings.

Destin beach weddings can be performed at any location you choose. In other words, it can be done by mobile wedding coordinators wherever you want your biggest moment in life to take place. It may be on one of those popular beach destinations anywhere on Destin, Florida or public parks there.

Holding Destin beach weddings in the "Luckiest Fishing Village" in the world is synonymous with deep-sea fishing activities. Destin holds some of the world's records regarding saltwater fish catch. Destin beach weddings provide that elusive romantic ambiance with perfect white sand beaches with a lot of condo units and beach houses for rent at reasonable rates.

For that perfect romantic honeymoon, Destin beach weddings provide some of the best areas to make your life complete now and forever. You can relax on the white sands after the ceremonies with the warm breeze blowing all around you. Your loved one will surely feel the same way too and make her or him love you more. You will be in a tropical paradise and everything seems like a nice dream.

With Destin beach weddings, you have the complete discretion of choosing a simple wedding or an elaborate beach wedding. Wedding coordinators and planners can greatly help in the preparations so you will not feel hassled with all those minute details. Destin beach weddings allow you to plan out for recreational activities after the ceremony is over and make your honeymoon all the more memorable.

Make your precious honeymoon vacation complete with the many recreational activities and amenities available to suit your schedules. These include fantastic yacht cruises, gulf-side swimming pool, world-class luxurious spa resorts, tennis courts, a golf course and fine dining restaurants on the beach. There are also shopping malls and strips nearby where you can buy souvenirs and mementos.

Attending Destin beach weddings will also have a salutary effect on your guests too. They will surely gush over the romantic tropical island setting and may even actually enjoy their attendance at these Destin beach weddings. In other words, Destin beach weddings will also make your guests feel romantic too!